Beaver Lane, Whistler

Our client at Beaver Lane in Whistler was looking for a custom home that exuded modernity, energy efficiency, and luxury. We carefully considered designers for their project and moved forward with choosing Stark Architecture for their expertise and track record in homes of this kind. The custom home on Beaver Lane was one of the first houses built in Whistler with the new STEP code in mind. The end result was an energy-efficient home with an airtightness score resulting in 1.0 ACH. To put it in perspective, the older home in Whistler would be 6.0 and the average score is 3-4 ACH. Simply put, we delivered fantastic results for this modern and energy-efficient custom home.

Being located in Whistler, we commonly build custom homes for clients who don’t live in Whistler. Our client at the Beaver Lane home was overseas, meaning everything was taken care of remotely for them – start to finish. This build was executed throughout the Covid Pandemic in 2020, so quite literally everything was taken care of without the client ever stepping foot in Whistler. Ringmaster was able to orchestrate the entire process with ease (from decades of experience) so the client could rest assured that the home would be completed on time, to specification, and on a budget without ever seeing the home. We were able to orchestrate this process through communication over email, cameras set up in the house, and weekly updates to the client with photographs. Ringmaster was the client’s eyes and ears, the conduit between the client and the architect.

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